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Best northern lights spots in Rovaniemi

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Hello Everyone and welcome to the forum!
I'm gonna start this new thread by outlining the best northern lights spots that I found useful in Rovaniemi.

City centre:

1. Arktikum Museum & Arktikum park

2. Koivusaari island which is next to it

3. City centre beach

4. Ounasvaara fell (the top of it)

5. Norvajärvi lake (parking spot in the southern end)

6. Vaattunkiköngäs (suspended bridge near Arctic Circle Wilderness lodge)

7. Vikaköngäs (another suspended bridge at the Arctic Circle Hiking area)

8. Raanujärvi (big parking spot at the southern tip of the island)

9. Köyryjärvi (a distant lean-to on the way to Kemijärvi)

Will try to update.

Here is the map of the locations:

Here is the blog post I've written about it: