Aurora Hunting Tours

I organise small northern lights and photography tours in Rovaniemi Lapland Finland. The tours only happen if there is a good chance to see the auroras! book a tour

Northern lights tour

How does it work?

We only go to hunt northern lights with you if there is a good chance to see them. This means that weather forecast is clear and good aurora activity is expected. If the weather is cloudy in Rovaniemi, we search clear skies elsewhere, and usually, we succeed. If the weather is so bad that we cannot see the northern lights, the tour does not start at all. This is why our success rate is very high, over 90%.

Our tours are done in small groups from 2 to 6 people. The tour lasts around 5–8 hours, depending on how much drive we have to make. Sometimes, a good spot can be found near Rovaniemi. Other times, we might drive 2-3 hours to get to the right spot. There, we wait for as long as it takes for northern lights to appear.

When the auroras come, we take aurora pictures and videos together. I will be happy to teach you how to make beautiful aurora photos with your own camera. You can also use my professional gear and tripods. Making aurora photos is much fun! We can get really creative with using different lights.

The tour costs 220€ per person. It’s not cheap, but you only pay after a successful tour. No advance payment required. Wasting your time & money is the last thing I want. The price includes all photos & videos, warm winter clothing (overalls & boots), hot tea, small but nice snack, transportation to and from your hotel.

The best seasons to see northern lights is September and first half of October, as well as March and beginning of April. This is when big aurora storms are more likely. It is possible to see northern lights during winter months, but usually the aurora activity is small or average. Big storms are possible during the winter months, but are less likely. November, in my experience, is usually the hardest month to see the northern lights, as the weather is often cloudy and it snows a lot. December is when I have many requests for tours, however, you can contact me and tell me about the dates when you are coming to Rovaniemi.

You can also check my free tips on how to see the northern lights on your own in Lapland. I hope this information is helpful!

memories from lapland

Professional Aurora Photos & Videos

We take beautiful aurora photos and videos on our tour. We also experiment with flashes and led lights to create some amazing shots. You will get all of the successful photos and realtime aurora videos from our tour!


Our Aurora hunting guests are saying

“Thankful forever”

“I would like to describe someone really special I met in Rovaniemi last year. He was so attentive since the first time we talked. He shared with me all of his knowledge about the northern lights and drove for a couple of hours to show us the aurora dancing in the most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen in my life. Thanks to him, I had the most amazing night of my life seeing the northern lights and I’ll be forever thankful to him. He’s Alex Kuznetsov.

Renata Santos

“Amazing experience”

We went on a tour last night with Alex and had the most amazing experience. Thoroughly recommend his knowledge, hospitality and experience to ensure you locate the Northern Lights and see the beauty unfold. We definitely needed his experience in helping us take great photos (though his photos were just so much better). Alex also provided warm clothes, shoes plus a Finnish picnic which capped off they night. Thanks so much for an amazing night!!!!! “

Christine Cowal

“The best aurora hunter in Rovaniemi”

The best Aurora Hunter tour in Rovaniemi. Alex is very professional and nice. We saw beautiful Aurora and learnt a lot of knowledges about Aurora yesterday.
The best tour for Aurora.

Bae-Yong Kim

“Thank you for the tour!”

“We are leaving Rovaniemi today and we wanted to thank you for the tour and all the information you gave us, it made our trip 100% more exciting! We are happy to meet you and wish you good luck with hunting all the auroras, thank you Alex.”

Damla & Eda

see the video from our aurora adventures!

Things to know about my aurora tours:

Forecast is short

The span for aurora and weather forecast is extremely short. Once your trip to Rovaniemi is near, we will provide you with the latest forecast, and choose the best night for a tour with you. Sometimes, the decision about the tour is made just a few hours beforehand. If the weather is bad or aurora activity is weak, our advice is usually to stay home. We only do a handful of tours per month and keep our success rate high!

Every tour is unique

We do not have a standard departure time or set location for our tour. Our tours are very flexible, and can start earlier or later, depending on the forecast. We choose our locations depending on the season and weather. If one place is not working, we go search for another one. We try to avoid other groups & mass tourism to have our own privacy. The duration of the tour varies between 5 and 8 hours.

Better for adults

Aurora hunting often take us on long journeys accross Lapland. We often spend several hours outside. Despite very warm clothes and boots that we provide, it can still feel freezing. That said, we did have many amazing experiences with families with kids. If you are a family, you need to be aware of the tour’s long duration & cold weather. The minimum age is 7–8 years, infants and toddlers should stay home.

Pricing & schedule

220€ per person

What’s included?

Aurora hunting for the whole night (5-8 hours with car travel)

Aurora photos & videos without limit

Warm padded overalls & robust winter boots

Hot tea & snack during the trip

Gear lending: tripods & cameras

Pickup and return to your hotel or apartment

Contact me for a tour!

The tour will only take place if there is a good chance.

No advance payment is required.