Aurora Hunting Tour

I organise small northern lights photography tours in Rovaniemi Lapland Finland!
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How does the aurora tour work?

My aurora hunting tour departs from Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland. The tours are organised from end-August until early April on nights when seeing auroras is possible.
I have small groups only with, minimum 2 people, and maximum 8 of people.

In winter the sky is clear in Rovaniemi on only about 10–20% of the nights. This means that most of the times we need to go to other regions to see the northern lights.

Where exactly? This depends on then night. Before each tour I look at many different forecasts to find out which area has the best chance for skies. This means that on some nights we travel 100–200 km away from Rovaniemi, and on other nights up to 450 km away from Rovaniemi (and back), visiting north of Finnish Lapland or Sweden.

With this approach we succeed 95% of the time. Sometimes, even if we do our part and find clear skies, the aurora does not show up. That’s nature. For such nights, I have my aurora guarantee – you only pay for seeing the northern lights.

If we can find clear skies within 200 km from Rovaniemi, the tour usually lasts around 5–8 hours. If the drive is longer (300–450 km), the tour may last 10 hours or more. Before the tour, you’ll have my estimate on how far we need to go.  

We usually depart early, and don’t leave until the show is over. We skip the “aurora barbeque”, because seeing the Aurora is the main thing!

When the auroras come, we take aurora pictures and videos together. I will be happy to teach you how to make beautiful aurora photos with your own camera. You can also use my professional tripod. Making aurora photos is fun! We can get really creative with using different led lights or lanterns.

The tour includes all photos & videos, and warm winter clothing – overalls, winter boots, mittens. I can pick you up from Rovaniemi centre + 10 km area.

Sometimes, finding clear skies is not likely even by driving 450 km in Finnish or Swedish Lapland. That can happen on certain winter months, such as November & December. For such occasions, I have a Crazy Hunting Tour, that enables us to go even further, up to 600 km away from Rovaniemi. In one night, we can visit northern Norway, or wander far into Sweden, with the tour lasting around 12–18 hours. The pricing of such tour is different, and is subject to availability.

Keep in mind that on some nights it’s too cloudy everywhere, that even a Crazy tour is not likely to succeed, or the aurora activity is just too small. In such cases the tour is either cancelled, or postponed.

P.S. When planning your trip to Lapland, try to avoid Full Moon, as it can reduce the perceived intensity of aurora. If the aurora is strong, Full Moon is not a problem, but New Moon is usually better. I suggest to check the Moon Phase calendar before booking your trip. Also, the aurora activity varies depending on the month.
Please check my Aurora info to know which months are the best. 

Northern lights tour with Alexander Kuznetsov from Aurora Chasing in Rovaniemi Lapland Finland.
memories from lapland

Aurora  Photos & Videos

We take beautiful aurora photos and real-speed aurora videos on our tour.
You will get the link with all the successful ones!

Important info about the tour:

Forecast is short

The span for aurora and weather forecast is extremely short. Once your trip to Rovaniemi is near, we will provide you with the latest forecast, and choose the best night for a tour with you. Sometimes, the decision about the tour is made just a few hours beforehand. If the weather is bad or aurora activity is weak, my advice is usually to stay home. We only do a handful of tours per month and keep our success rate high!

Every tour is unique

We do not have a standard departure time or set location for our tour. Our tours are very flexible, and can start earlier or later, depending on the forecast. We choose our locations depending on the season and weather. If one place is not working, we go search for another one. We try to avoid other groups & mass tourism to have our own privacy. The duration of the tour varies between 5 and 10 hours.

Better for adults

Aurora hunting often take us on long journeys around Lapland. We often spend many hours outside, and despite warm clothes & boots that I provide, it can still feel freezing. If you are a family, you need to be aware of the tour’s duration & cold weather. The minimum age in winter time (Nov-Mar) is 12–13 years. In September-October a private family tour with younger kids is possible. infants should stay home.

Experiences of the real people:

Aurora Tour Reviews

Aurora Hunting Review – Christine – Rovaniemi Lapland Finland.


"Amazing experience!"

We went on a tour last night with Alex and had the most amazing experience. Thoroughly recommend his knowledge, hospitality and experience to ensure you locate the Northern Lights and see the beauty unfold. We definitely needed his experience in helping us take great photos (though his photos were just so much better). Alex also provided warm clothes, shoes plus a Finnish picnic which capped off they night. Thanks so much for an amazing night!!!!! "

Aurora Hunting Review – Renata – Rovaniemi Lapland Finland.


"Thankful forever!"

I would like to describe someone really special I met in Rovaniemi last year. He was so attentive since the first time we talked. He shared with me all of his knowledge about the northern lights and drove for a couple of hours to show us the aurora dancing in the most beautiful sky I've ever seen in my life. Thanks to him, I had the most amazing night of my life seeing the northern lights and I'll be forever thankful to him. He's Alex Kuznetsov.

Aurora Hunting Review – Sahid – Rovaniemi Lapland Finland.


"Thank you very much!"

Alex, just wanna say thank you very much for your hospitality, guide and all of your efforts to make sure we are happy and fulfilled by your aurora hunting services. I would definitely recommend you to all my friends who come to Finland. Again, thank you so much it was a life time experience!! 

see the video from our aurora adventures!

Pricing & schedule:

Until 31.10.2024

250€ per person

From 1.11.2024 until 31.1.2025

300€ per person

From 1.2.2025 until 7.4.2025

280€ per person

What’s included?

Aurora hunting for 5-14 hours by car.
Driving up to 1000 km in one night.
Professional aurora photos without limit.
Warm winter overalls & very good winter boots.
How to take aurora photos with your phone / camera.
Pickup / dropoff: Rovaniemi centre + 10 km area.

Contact me for a tour!

Let me know how when you are coming to Rovaniemi, and how many people want to join.

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